CTIA 2015: Ericsson’s LAA LTE, Screaming Fast PTP Microwave, and Wireless Speakers.

The second day at any show is always better than the first. You have your bearings, you’ve seen a few people, you hear some buzz, and you know what to look for. I would say that I am a tradeshow junkie. I ┬álove these things. From a business perspective, a personal perspective, and now from […]

LTE-U and Wi-Fi Coming Together? Oh, the rumors are swirling!

Straight from the rumor mill: LTE-U and Wi-Fi Coming Together? There’s this weird combination of rumors going around right now that are getting me pretty excited. They all seem to center on one manufacturer, and all in one general area: LTE-U. First, LTE-U is all the rage. That article I posted a few weeks back […]