How Broadband Affects Underdeveloped Countries and Maybe Some United States Counties

The UN has put out a report with the Working Group on Broadband for the most vulnerable countries. The study follows the Broadband deployments and usage for national development in four least developed countries (LDCs): Cambodia, Rwanda, Senegal and Vanuatu. This is a great effort by a ton of people and I applaud the time […]

The HomeworkGap Shrinks. FCC Lifeline Reform & Internet for Everyone!

It’s December 2016. Merry Christmas to everyone. Especially a whole bunch of Americans who now have a better way to connect and learn! Something I have been following for a while is the Lifeline reform that the FCC had embarked on changing earlier in the year. I am a huge advocate for this, partially because […]

Keeping Texas Connected & Working with Connected Texas

Over the last year I have been working closely with the Connected Texas rep, Libbey Scheible, ¬†for my area to help figure out how to get more broadband to more people in rural Texas. We’ve come up with some great ideas and were looking forward to putting them into action, however their funding did not […]

Running Fiber in New Residential Developments: Why Don’t More Developers Do This?

There’s a bunch of buzz surrounding the pre-State of the Union teaser that President Obama put out yesterday: Affordable High-speed Broadband for All Americans I’m blessed to have friends on every side of every issue; who either love or despise when the President makes an announcement, so it keeps me on my toes. This […]