There is really only one reason that wireless nerds will wake up early on a Saturday morning or be glued to their computers counting down the time to 8:00 AM Pacific tomorrow, Saturday December 15th.

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM Pacific, registration for the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference in February begins. This limited seat conference features the best of the best in the Wi-Fi industry.

It’s not just the people that will be there, the lack of vendor booths and sales pitches, or the fact that the majority of the people who attend are actually providing presentations, talks, and real-world use cases and scenarios. It’s not just the Boot Camp leading into the conference that gives you the ability to get trained & certified by the industries stand-out educators, learn how to 3-D print, use digital two way radio systems, explore tools like Kali or share coffee with people from all over the US. It’s not just the food trucks, the hilarious meet ups at the bar, or the occasional run to in-and-out. It’s not just about the best goodie-back / backpack in the industry.

It’s this amazing combination of all of these things. It’s who you go with, who you meet, and who you get to listen to. It’s knowing that any question you have can be answered. It’s about getting to know people, becoming friends, and helping establish a camaraderie that is more of a family than an industry.

It’s less about the actual event and more about the people, the knowledge, the experience,and how it can help you become better at what you do. It’s also less than 24 hours until registration … but who’s counting 🙂

Learn more about #WLPC2019 & Register here:

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